Jason Krell — Editor in Chief

staff thumbHaving come a long way from soloing Pokémon Blue Version with his trusty Venusaur, Jason joined the competitive scene following the 2015 World Championship. After falling just short of a Worlds invite a year later, he decided to focus more on growing the scene than simply playing. He has been a journalist for more than six years and has contributed to numerous outlets in that time. His favorite Pokémon is Gliscor, and the fact that it’s terrible in VGC makes him sad every time he thinks about it.


Grant Weldon — Staff writer

Grant WeldonGrant embarked on his journey in Pokémon Pearl, but he wouldn’t discover VGC until many years later. Inspired by the 2014 World Championship, he made his tournament debut the next year. His first success came at US Nationals 2016, where he finished in the Top 4 and earned an invitation to the second day of competition at Worlds. Grant is very passionate about writing and expanding coverage on the VGC scene. He intends to study science in college, and he also enjoys playing the piano and percussion.