How to Add Subtitles to Showbox for Any Movie and TV Show?

Showbox Add Subtitles: Watching movies entertains all the people despite the language. But, what if you do not understand the language of the film streaming on your device? In such a case, you need to have Showbox app that lets you add subtitle file to your movie. This allows the user to easily understand the language and enjoy the movie in the best way.

Showbox Subtitles for Movies and Tv Shows

You can add subtitles to movies and other TV shows from Showbox app on your android, iOS, iPad, iPhone, PC, Laptop and other devices. In this post, we have come up with a detailed step by step guide that helps the users add subtitles file to the movie streaming using Showbox app.


How to Add Subtitles To Movies

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How to Add Subtitles to Showbox While Watching a Movie on Android & iPhone

Sometimes, you love watching movies in unknown language due to the interesting concept of the movie. It is quite difficult to understand each and every dialogue in the film if you don’t understand the language. In such a situation, people look for the apps that support the addition of subtitles. Most of the people prefer watching films with subtitles in the English language. For already installed MX player on your device, this process works perfectly on your phone or PC. You can easily download MX Player from Play Store.

The Showbox application also comes with support for various languages to watch movies. In this tutorial, you can easily learn the process of adding subtitles to a movie while watching them using Showbox app on your phone. Here are the easy steps that help the users add subtitles to Showbox application while watching any movie, video or any TV show on your Android mobile device:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you have installed Showbox applicationon your mobile device.
  • Then choose your favorite movie that you wish to watch it on Showbox.
  • From there select the quality of the video based on your choice.
  • And need to uncheck the box ‘Other Player’ and just tap on ‘Watch Now’ button.
  • The movie starts playing on your device. You need to tap the Menu button and hit the Subtitles option.
  • You can then see some options such as Open and Get Subtitles Online.
  • If you have already downloaded the appropriate source of a .srt file of specific film on your device, you can select the file and hit the open option.
  • You can then hit the Ok button and start streaming your desired movie along with the subtitles.
  • It just takes few moments for the subtitles to appear on the screen along with the streaming of the film.

This is the simple process to add subtitles to your desired movie and watch it on your device. You can follow the similar process for any movie or TV show using Showbox application. Hope this tutorial helps the users watch their desired movies and TV shows in their preferred language subtitles using Showbox application.

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