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Gamekiller is one of the most amazing Android app to modify the coins, gems etc of the Android game. Gamekiller performs that task by using the memory modifying technique.

Gamekiller has been downloaded by millions of users all over the world. So the Gamekiller has gained popularity among the wide range of users. Gamekiller is one of the most downloaded Android apps. But it is not available on the Google Play store.

Game Killer APK App

Gamekiller is an application that is very easy to use, it is one of the very powerful applications that helps in increasing the coins of any game. Through this application we can increase the coins of all types of games, it is compatible with all types of games, that is, you can use this trick with any version of the game. If you want to download Mini Militia Mod APK for free you can download from our website.


Download Gamekiller App for Android 

When you are installing the Gamekiller in your Android device then please keep a thing in mind that your device must be rooted. If you will install this app in the unrooted device then the Gamekiller will install into it but it will not perform the hacking task very well.

Game Killer

When you root the device then the Gamekiller can easily access to root storage of the device. for the installation you can follow the below steps-

  • Download the APK file to your downloads folder.
  • Go to the menu of your device and in the settings go for the security.
  • Mark the app installation from unknown sources.
  • Return back to the downloads folder and tap on the APK file.
  • Now tap on the yes and click on the install.


Game Killer for PC

To download the Gamekiller for PC you have install Bluestacks in your PC-

  • Download and install the Bluestacks on your PC.
  • In the Bluestacks search for the Gamekiller.
  • The list will appear on your screen and check for the latest version.
  • Click on the version that you want to download.
  • Click on the install.
  • Note the Gamekiller is installed on your PC.


Game Killer for iOS

Follow the steps to download the Gamekiller for iOS

  • First thing is that you need to unlock your iPhone and ipad.
  • Download and install the Dalvik emulator on IOS.
  • When you have installed the application then open it.
  • Now you have to download Game Killer Apk. You can use our link to download the Game Killer. It is very reliable so you can use it.
  • Move the Game killer Apk to your IOS device so that you can install it in your IOS device.
  • When you click on the downloaded file, it will automatically open the Dalvik emulator which will help to install the application.
  • Now your IOS device is ready to enjoy the Gamekiller.


How to use and hack Gamekiller

  • First thing is that you need to open the app and then minimize it.
  • Now select the one game that you want to hack and play it for some time now you can change the coins value, scores and anything.
  • After that go to the Game killer app.
  • In the screen of the Game killer type the value of the coins in the search bar.
  • Tap on the auto identity option that automatically finds the fields that can be manipulated depending on the game.
  • The total number of results may vary depending upon the game.
  • Now try playing the game again and keep the before values in the mind. Click on the Gamekiller icon and then you will see change in the values.
  • Here you are able to search for the exact number to narrow down the search.
  • When you will search for the exact number then the number will be limited.
  • Now you can change the value and do the steps mentioned above.


Key Features

There are various fake sites on the internet so be careful about that and choose a reliable website that doesn’t harm your device. Gamekiller contains so many amazing features so you can get the benefit of this app and the several benefits are as follows


Gamekiller allows you to hack and modify your application data and maximize the number of the coins and gems in your Android game.

Complete Package-

Gamekiller contains all the resources that are required by the Game. So we can say that it is the complete package.

Quick in nature-

Gamekiller increases the coin and gems very fastly so it is very quick in nature. 

Automatic function-

If there is a shortage of resources and coins are occurring in the game then the Gamekiller will automatically add the coins and required resources in your Game.

Floating point Feature-

if your data is in the decimal value then you can try the floating point feature in the game. And with the help of this app you can find the exact value of the data.

Data filtering- 

the data filtering feature of the Gamekiller allows you to increase the efficiency of the game. So you can enjoy the game with more fun.

Offline game-

Gamekiller works for some offline game so that you can get the benefits of this app on some offline games. 


Gamekiller has the suitability for all the platforms like Android, iOS and PC.



Final words

Gamekiller will maximize the coins and the gems in your game. It will hack your game even if it allows you to play some games offline without any need of the internet connection. You can easily search the games through this app on any platform like Android, PC and IOS. The app allows you to modify some parameters of the game like Coins, gems and anything that you want to change. It takes very little time to do the modification in the game. The status of the game will be stored by the server. 

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