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In the modern world we can connect to the people with the world wide web means the internet. It allows you to connect with the people who are at very far distance from you and it makes life easier to connect with the people. 

Well when we are using the internet services then some have best quality internet connectivity while some are not able to enjoy the excellent speed of the internet. so many of the people purchase the data plan and some people are accessing the services through the Wifi they are paying for and through the Wifi a lot of people can connect to the same network.

On the other hand there are so many people who don’t want to pay for wifi connection but still want a strong internet connection. For that type of user we are coming with the Android app called Androdumpper that will allow you to check your WPS access point and you can check how many users are connected to the wifi services.

AndroDumpper APK

Initially Androdumpper Apk was used to check only how many devices are connected to the network but there are so many users who want a faster speed to access the internet connection but don’t want to pay for it. For that type of the user Androdumpper is the best app it allows you to hack the network which are near by you with the simple steps.

AndroDumpper APK

you can hack the password of the wifi signal and it will save in your device next time when you will nearby the network then it will automatically appears in your device and you can connect with it and access it. Androdumpper has various features and in this post I will tell about the various features of the AndrodumpperDo You Want Download Mini Militia MOD Apk, you can download from this website.


Download AndroDumpper Apk for Android

Well I have already told about the methods of the Androdumpper one is rooted method in this method Androdumpper does not get connected with the network because Androdumpper already has authentication the network. In the other method no root method you can connect with the access point and it saves then and next time when you will nearby the network then it will show you the saved password and you don’t need to root your device. The process to download the Androdumpper in your device are as follow- 


  • In the search bar of your Android device search for the Androdumpper apk.
  • Results will appear in front of you so just tap on any one of the results.
  • We have provided you the download link so you can download it from our website and start downloading.
  • It is a third party app so you need to enable the option of the Installation from the unknown resources. For this go into the settings and in the security allow the installation from the unknown resources.
  • Now to hack nearby wifi you need to switch on your phone’s wifi.


How to access AndroDumpper in Android device

  •  Go to the wifi screen of your device.
  • Now you will see various wifi connections near by you.
  • Click on any one of the connections you want to connect. As you will tap then it will ask you to connect with the three available option custom pins, no custom pin, bruteforce.
  • Click on the custom pin. And wait for the connection.
  • Now the password details and network are given to you.
  • Let copy the password and go into the wifi settings of your device and paste the password. 


AndroDumpper for PC

If you want to access the internet connection through your PC then you need some emulators like torrent or Droid4X like help you to download Androdumpper in your PC. I will tell you how to download the app through the torrent-

  • Go to the torrent website and in the search bar of the website search for the Androdumpper.
  • You will see various links and click on the latest one.
  • Just download it and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Now you have done with the installation process and you can go into the wifi settings and look for the password.


AndroDumpper for iOS

Well if you are an IOS user then I want to tell you that it is not available for the IOS users and one more it is not available on the Google play store. You can use any other app for accessing wifi.


Key features

  • Connected with- Androdumpper allows you to know how many devices are connected with your wifi connection. 
  • Hack password- Androdumpper allows you to hack the password of the Wifi network nearby you and allow you to connect with it and access the services of the network.
  • Methods to use- you can use Androdumpper apk in your device with the help of the two methods first one is root method and second method is the no root method. 
  • Androdumpper is compatible with the IOS ,PC and obviously with the Android phones.

It has so many features like the above mentioned features.


Final words

Androdumpper is the best app to access the network connection through the Wifi and it allows you to connect with the world without paying any cost and if the Androdumpper is not working then you can use bruteforce and wordlist to connect with the WPA settings. Personally I will suggest you this app as it provides you a lot of features and access to connect with the network as it has various functionalities.

You can also evaluate the number of the people who are connected with your device. If you are going with the root process then you can use Busy Box that will provide you standard tools to execute some unix commands. I have mentioned all the details regarding the Androdumpper. i hope it will help you out and if you have any queries then you can ask us.

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