SMS Bomber APK with All New Features [Latest]

Have you heard about SMS Bomber APK? Because during these days this app is so much popular. People are doing fun and a lot of pranks happen with this app. You can entertain yourself with this app by sending a lot of messages to your friends and you can call them and the most amazing feature of this app is that when you will call someone and do messages then your personal details will not appear to the receiver of your messages or call. The messages and calls will be received with an unknown number. SMS Bomber APK provides you with a bulk of messages to be sent. You can make your friends fool and the best part is that you are completely anonymous for the other user.

SMS Bomber APK

SMS Bomber APK

Many people know SMS Bomber as a text bomber as it allows to send a huge amount of messages to your friends and the SMS Bomber is working with Indian numbers as well as international numbers. The app works on the concept of sending multiple messages to the victim or your friend. You can irritate them or you can out them in a fix by hiding your identity. It is available at free of use but you have to use it in a safe manner. It contains several features. Know more about SMS


Download SMS Bomber APK for Android

Some users may get confused about how to install it and how to use it in the Android phone but don’t worry here we are providing you complete guidance so that you can easily use it and download it.

SMS Bomber APP

  • The very first thing that you have to do is download the latest version of this app. You can download it’s APK file from our website.
  • Now open the downloaded folder where you have downloaded the SMS Bomber APK. And open the file click on the install button.
  • It will ask for some permission and if some warning message will appear then go into the settings and security and allow the installation from the unknown resources.
  • Again click on the installation button and wait for some time.
  • Open it when it gets successfully installed.
  • That’s it you have downloaded the SMS Bomber Apk now you can enjoy it in your Android phone.


How to use SMS Bomber APK in Android

  • When you have successfully downloaded it then open it select the bomber type that you want to try.
  • Now enter the phone number of the person that you want to send messages.
  • Click on the start button to start the process and messages will be sent.
  • Click on the stop process to stop the messages.

It is very simple to use, not a hectic process to download it so any user can easily use it without any technical knowledge. You can clean your mobile cookies , cache and all worthless file with this app SD Maid Pro APK


Download SMS Bomber APK for PC

The process of downloading the SMS Bomber App is similar as Process of downloading SMS Bomber APK for smartphones. So here we will see that how to keep safe from the Bombing-

  • If you are accessing SMS Bomber and getting afraid of being bombered by someone. Then you have to do the following steps-
  • Click on the menu which is at the top most corner.
  • Tap on the protect list.
  • Give the information of your mobile number and click on the protect me. By doing this process you can protect yourself for one week and after that doing this process again. 


Download SMS Bomber APK for iOS

To download SMS Bomber Apk do the following steps-

Go to a particular website and click on the link to download the apk file and enter the victim number and tap on the send button to send the messages and you can enjoy the app in your IOS device and there are so many bomber apps are available on the world of internet and you can enjoy them this app does not harm your IOS device so no need to worry about this and just enjoy this and have fun with SMS bomber. But don’t misuse this app otherwise you have to bear the consequences.


Key Features of SMS Bomber APK
  •  As I have already said, you can send multiple messages. In a bulk you can send messages to your friend with SMS Bomber app.
  • You can hide your identity and you can select any phone number from the phone book and allow you to play wisely.
  • It has the option of auto update so that you can directly update this app without any hectic procedure.
  • You just have to download this app because there is no requirement to register yourself in the app before using it.
  • It is available for you at free of cost and you don’t need a single penny for it. 

The total file size of this app is 4.0 MB and this app can work properly for the Android version of 2.2 and above. SMS Bomber APK is not available on the Google Play store because it does not follow the terms and condition of the Google play store. If we talk about the malware and virus then I have to say that it is completely safe if you are downloading this app from the secure website so check the website before going to download this app. 


Final words

SMS bomber is the app through which you can send multiple messages simultaneously to a particular victim and you can call your friend with an unknown number and your whole information will not be displayed to the other end. So you can send messages anonymously. SMS Bomber APK is compatible with all the platforms like IOS Android And PC. About the security issues I want to tell you that it is completely secure so you can download it without any confusion. We have already given you the complete description about the downloading procedure of the this app. Hope you will enjoy the app and have fun.


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