SD Maid Pro Apk Download {Latest Version}

What is SD Maid Pro Apk?

SD Maid Pro APK: We see that sometimes it happens where our data gets consumed very fastly. Even if you have an unlimited amount of internet connection instead of that your data may get finished very fast there are various unwanted files present in our smartphones which consume unlimited amounts of data and occupy a lot of storage space in our Android device.

All these files are hidden from you the reason behind all the scene is that when you install any app in your device then your phone will generate files in the root folder to work properly. And matter is that all these files are not useful for the users so when the user will install this app or delete these files then a hanging problem starts in your phone. So it becomes a necessity of our phone that we have to remove these files. This app will remove these files from your phone and keep your phone neat and clean. SD Maid Pro APK

Uses of SD Maid

SD Maid Pro Apk go inside the folder of your phone and search for the unwanted files and after analyzing the files and it will generate a pop message whether you want to keep it or get cleaned if it is not necessary for you. This Apk has several features when you will know about its great features then you will have more information regarding this apk.

SD maid Pro Apk for Android

SD Pro APK App

SD mod Pro APK is the application type of the Android cleaner and the unlocker app and it is available on the Google play store here we are providing you the steps to download and install this apk for Android device. 

How to install SD maid Pro Apk for Android

  • First step is to go to the play store or go to a reliable source and from the download it downloads this apk.
  • After that install this apk in your device.
  • Make sure that it is available on the device’s SD card.
  • Now you can start cleaning.


How to start cleaning from SD Maid

  • If you have installed the this app, then you need to install an unlocker plugin i.e SD maid pro unlocker.
  • Start the app on the quick access page.
  • Before going to start just complete the setup.
  • When the completion of the setup has been done then this apk will start scanning your device.
  • After the scanning of the device you have to choose the file to modify or delete. You can do this by tapping on the option of the execute.

SD Maid Pro Apk for PC

If you want to use this apk in your PC then you need an Android emulator to generate the system requirements so you have to install Bluestacks in your PC first. Just follow the steps given below-

  • Download and install the Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Now run the Bluestacks on your PC and in the search bar search for the apk. 
  • Now you can run this apk from the play store and you can enjoy it on your PC.


SD Maid Pro Apk for iOS

SD maid Pro app is the best system tool and it also works for the IOS and contains a lot of features. It works great when a lot of unwanted and unnecessary files are collected in your phone. If you want to Download SD Maid Pro Apk in your IOS device then you have to download it’s apk file in your IOS device. you have to just run it and install it in your IOS device and can easily enjoy it. SD maid pro apk optimize your database so it will speed up your IOS device and your IOS device works more smoothly. This apk allows you to view the most biggest file size and then you can delete them if it is not useful for you.

SD Maid Apk key features

  • SD maid Pro app contains file explorer. The explorer is very active in nature hence it allows you to see all the unnecessary files in your smartphones and makes the files unhidden. 
  • This App gives you a Corpse finder and this finder lets you know about the orphaned items and after finding it you can compare it with the installed apps.
  • SD Maid Pro app consists of inbuilt duplicate file finder that file finder has the capability to delete the copied and files and the double existing files. This feature of the apk stops you from downloading external duplicate files cleaner apps. 
  • It works as an advanced junk cleaner means that the app will go into the depth of your device then find the junk files of your phones and make your phone to work fastly.
  • This APK contains the feature of the system cleaner this feature evaluates your phone and filters the directories which are not useful for you. 
  • There is an option of the log analyzer that maintains the records of your files and finds the recent changes in your files. 

There are many more features available in SD Maid Pro app but here we provided you some features of them.

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Final words

Sd maid Pro Apk is the best system cleaning tool that finds out the unwanted and unnecessary files in your device and deletes them. It is available on the Google play store. It allows you to search for a particular file that you want to delete. You can see the modified files and the apk is the app which is available at free of cost and it has a very simple and easy user interface you don’t require any technical knowledge. It works for Android IOS and PC. We have provided you with the steps to download this app. You can download it from our website.

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